Farming Ahead Research Report: Mobile Phones

Latest Handsets Field Tested

Phones play an important role on the farm, whether they are for managing harvest or seeding logistics, keeping an eye on stocks and futures markets, ordering supplies or just checking in.

In our latest Research Report, Kondinin Group has put 15 Telstra NextG mobile phone handsets through their paces in the first round of testing in two years and among other findings, we have revealed a continuing downward trend in 3G phone reception strength.

Read now and discover:

  • Back after 2 years, what did our research team find out about the 15 phones tested in rural areas?
  • Telstra 5G Questions and Answers - what did our research team find?
  • Is there an upward or downward trend in 3G phone reception strength?
  • With the impending shutdown of Telstra’s 3G 850 megahertz network in 2024, will the 4G and 5G networks be capable of handling connectivity in the bush?

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